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Tutoring Programs

Peer Tutoring

For most students, each semester small group tutoring sessions are available free of charge. Tutoring is provided by MCPHS University upperclass students who have been recommended by a faculty or staff member for their knowledge and skills. Groups can range in size from 3-8 students and active participation and regular weekly attendance are expected of group members. Students may request group tutoring online during the semester.

Students are encouraged to apply to become tutors to widen their leadership experience and refine their study skills. Being a peer tutor is a great on-campus job!

Individual Tutoring

Private tutoring referrals are available through the tutoring coordinator for students who prefer one-on-one help or seek tutoring in a subject not offered in a group, The cost of individual tutoring sessions is assumed by the student and arranged by the individual tutors.

Additional Resources

  • Net Tutor-Free Online Tutoring!

    Tutoring that works with your schedule. Subjects available include Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and all types of Math!

    How to Access Net Tutor

    1. Log into blackboard and click on one of your courses. 

    2. Click on the "Tools" link, and then click on the Net Tutor link within "Tools." This will take you to the Net Tutor website. 

    3. You will be asked to agree to a standard End User Licensing Licensing Agreement. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Accept."

    4. Complete the browser test that launches to ensure your browser is compatible with Net Tutor. Be sure that you have enabled pop-ups as well. 

    5. You will now see a list of the tutoring groups you have access to. Select the appropriate group, and you are ready to begin! 

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